Caravan crime at Christmas

Christmas is a key time for thieves – crime rates rise quite dramatically over the festive season. Not only may thieves have their eyes on your home they may also be looking at your caravan as a potential source of riches. Thieves can monitor your home to see when you are leaving. Couple this with the fact that your neighbours may also be away then you have ideal conditions for your home or your caravan to be burgled or, with a caravan, trailer or boat, even taken away. Some tips: Do not advertise the fact that you are going away for Christmas on social media. Be careful who you tell. You never know who may overhear your conversation if you are talking about your plans in the pub, for example. Store your caravan, trailer, boat or campervan at our yard. As we live on site your property will be safe here. If you receive a valuable item as a Christmas present you can store that here too throughout the year.

Happy New Year & Winter Storage

FROST-FREE WINTER STORAGE AND PREPARING FOR THE NEW SEASON Happy New Year to all our customers. We hope that you have recovered from all the festive spending, eating and drinking and that 2017 brings you everything that you wish. The months of January and February are the worst for frost. It makes sense to keep […]

Caravanning in adverse weather – The Camping and Caravanning Club

Driving in adverse weather conditions If you thinking of heading out caravanning in these winter months to come, Take a look at this good advice from The Camping and Caravanning Club. Make sure you know the risks and how to avoid any Holiday Disasters from happening. Follow the link below and read the advice for […]

Caravan Conkers

Its that season again when we tie some string through a conker and battle it out in the playground!!!! but this is much better Caravan Conkers a must watch very funny 🙂